About Us

Originally located in central Illinois, the heartland of the Midwest, JEDA may have been built from the ground up a little over 10 years ago but the foundation of years of plastics and extrusion and molding experience had already been established.

Taking their collective plastic knowledge and expertise, Jeff and Ronda, sought to help the smaller injection molders with their challenges in the expansive world of polymers. Each customer is and will always be valued whether their material needs are great or small.

Partnering closely with customers to innovate, solve molding issues, and develop new products is root of why JEDA Polymers was not only established but also the reason we continue to grow and thrive.

“If you build it they will come”....a famous movie quote from “The Field of Dreams” seems quite fitting to our growth. With assistance from Dyersville Economic Development Corporation (DEDC), JEDA built a new manufacturing facility and offices located in a newly developed industrial park on the South side of Dyersville, Iowa in 2016. The Dyersville facility is 43,000 square feet and provides us with not only more capacity but greater efficiencies and new capabilities such as in-house quality lab. 

Our Team

Part of the culture we are fostering is a team atmosphere that cultivates high performance and teamwork. There is no need for time clocks. We believe in honesty and trust from the bottom up.

Our team is empowered to find solutions to the challenges with which we are faced. Mutual trust and respect is at the core of all we do that is why we give a key to the building to all our team members. We like to combine hard work in a fun environment with safety always on our minds.

We strive to provide high quality products and services to our customers.

The JEDA Way

Because we care for each other, we:

  • Are motivated to look out for each other’s safety
  • Communicate openly and frequently to maintain the rhythm of the team’s performance and challenge each other to be better each day.


We are committed to quality in our daily activities. We achieve quality by partnering with our customers, employees and suppliers to sustain excellence in all we do. We encourage new ideas and continuously improve product and processes to guarantee ever higher levels of performance.


Our mindset is “Safety First” because we value and care for our team members, their families and visitors to our facility. Our environment is safe because we work as a team to proactively identify and eliminate potential hazards. We communicate openly in order to keep safety a top priority.

Customer Service

We recognize that our success as a business depends on our ability to provide exceptional customer service from every level of the organization. We are committed to listening to our customers and responding to their needs with on-time delivery of quality products and service.


Our strength is in the team and what the diversity of individuals contribute to the actions and decisions we make. We have high productivity, make better decisions and have high job satisfaction, because we work together to achieve our objectives. We seek out opportunities to share ideas, get each other involved and take initiatives.

Trust and Integrity

We recognize that trust and integrity are the foundational elements on which long-term relationships are built. We conduct ourselves with honesty, dignity, courtesy and respect to all customers, employees, suppliers and community.

JEDA Leadership

Jeff Goodwin - President

Jeff works as President of Jeda Polymers. Jeff has built his career in manufacturing and plastics and is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the industry. He knows our portfolio of products and ensures our solutions are focused on a singular goal – helping our clients. Jeff’s true passion is solving problems. He enjoys connecting the dots for both clients and employees in order to help innovative solutions come to life.

What is your favorite thing to share about Jeda?
The energy of our team is unmatched as far as I can tell. We truly value each other and believe in safety, transparency and trust!

What is your favorite part of your job?
I really enjoy planting seeds and watching what grows from that. When that growth means success for team members and customers, I feel as though I’ve done my job well.

Ronda Haskell - Vice President

As Vice President for Jeda Polymers, Ronda is active in all aspects of the business. From customer service, to marketing, accounting, logistics and human resources, Ronda is the go-to for getting things done. Ronda is no stranger to business management as she has been a co-owner of an organization for most of her career. She appreciates the reward of hard work and brings her experience in manufacturing and marketing to the table when working with the Jeda team..

What is your favorite thing to share about Jeda?
We have an incredible group of people here. Every team member has their own unique personality as well as strengths and abilities. The culmination of that, is an exceptional team that is always learning new skills or becoming more efficient at a task or project.

What is your favorite part of your job?
Every day is a unique. Because I do get involved with so many aspects of the business, I’m always working on something different or learning something new. It can be challenging at times but it is also rewarding to see projects come together


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