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Nylons/Polyamides have excellent mechanical properties including high tensile strength, high flexibility, good resilience, low creep and high impact strength. They exhibit excellent resistance to wear due to a low coefficient of friction. Due to their high glass transition temperature they have good mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.


Acetal offers high stiffness, low friction, low temperature toughness, and excellent dimensional stability.


PBT offers good stiffness, toughness, excellent electrical insulation properties and high-end surface finishes.


TPU is a class of polyurethane plastics that offers elasticity, transparency and resistance to oil, grease, and abrasion.


Polycarbonate(PC) is a tough, transparent plastic with high optical clarity, outstanding strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.


ABS is an opaque thermoplastic that has good resistance to chemicals and has a good balance of strength, stiffness, and toughness.

JEDA Services

Custom Formulations

At JEDA, we want to work with you to develop a material with the right attributes and characteristics that will be ideal for your molded product requirements. We realize not every application can benefit from a standard off the shelf resin. Our specialty is developing custom recipes that hit the mark on mechanical, physical, chemical properties and yet is cost friendly to the bottom line.

Color Matching

Bring your molded product to life... with color! There is no limit to our color spectrum capabilities combined with our specialty engineered resin offerings. JEDA can provide color matching capabilities to hit your desired molded color right on target and keep the resin’s properties intact. Eliminate the guess work of on-site blending and excessive scrap rates due to color inconsistencies and experience cost savings with JEDA’s pre-color, custom color resins.

Quality Control and Testing

Behind the scenes of JEDA’s extrusion process, is our in-house injection molding machine and quality/testing lab. To ensure the integrity and quality of our material is meeting desired specifications, we mold the material and conduct comprehensive testing including moisture analysis, tensile/strength, melt flow rate, specific gravity, glass content, and color measurement.

Blending and Screening

It may not always ideal but sometimes secondary operations are needed due to imperfect material. JEDA has the capability to blend materials for homogeneous lot consistency or to create a salt and pepper blend. We also can classify material to separate longs and oversized/undersized pellets for a more consistent pellet size.

Storage, Repacking Labeling

Every customer's needs are unique, that's why we at Jeda are ready to accommodate to your special requests/instructions. Requests for special label instructions or unique packaging requirements are common practices for us and we don't shy away from it. Physical storage is sometimes a challenge for our customers; Jeda will arrange shipments so that it arrives per our customer's request date.

Customer Confidentiality

With the understanding that the supply chain doesn't always flow directly from manufacture to end users; Jeda operates daily with the importance of maintaining the integrity of our customer's identity. Whether we coordinate a blind shipment or keep a special formulation in the "vault", Jeda highly values our customer's privacy and confidentialty.

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